We’ve been in your shoes and are ready to help with Salesforce databases, executive search, and a full range of consulting services for the growing nonprofit.
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Whether you need to bring new people on board, or work better with the ones you’ve got already, we can help with hiring, onboarding and improving workplace culture.


Some of the best enterprise software in the world is available to nonprofits for very little cost (or even free!) We’ll help you with a smooth transition to Salesforce or Slack, and tie everything together so it works seamlessly.


A practical, thoughtful structure, whether it’s organizational layout, a fundraising strategy or an audience development plan, saves time and energy while maximizing results.

Anything we can do to make your life easier?

Our values.

Taking care of people.

Motivation, support and development of staff pays big dividends.

Streamlined processes.

Investment in solid, efficient systems saves both time and money.

High Expectations.

We insist on competence, integrity and transparency at all levels.


There’s no reason work can’t be both enjoyable and productive.

Our clients love us

Ready to get started?