Arts Progress’s first project – address a Gmail hack!
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Arts Progress’s first project – address a Gmail hack!

Arts Progress’s first project – address a Gmail hack!

Well, it happens to everyone at some point, although, if I ran the world, I wouldn’t have chosen to have my email hacked on the same day that I was launching Arts Progress.

But in some ways, it’s perfect, because I can demonstrate on myself a mini-version of what I can do for you.

First – identify the problem.
That’s easy – my email account was hacked, resulting in spam emails going out to nearly 2,000 contacts in my address book. Not cool, not cool at all.

Second – take quick confident action to address immediate bleeding.
I’ve changed my password.

Third –communicate with key stakeholders openly about what happened, what I’ve done to address the problem. 
I’ve emailed everyone a quick note (bcc’d, of course) to make my apologies and sent them a link to this blog for more details.

Fourth – assess longer-term changes that need to be made to prevent future problems.
This served as a reminder to check all of my other passwords for security while I’m at it. (Pro tip – Last Pass makes password management a snap.)

 Fifth – move onward with strength and confidence.
My work here is done.

Have a problem of your own to tackle? I can help. Email me at to get started.