Arts Progress | Arts Progress 2018 update
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Arts Progress 2018 update

Arts Progress 2018 update

2017 was the biggest year yet for Arts Progress, with clients including Ann Bancroft Foundation, Brownbody, Forecast Public Art, Frank Theatre, Italian Cultural Center, Mixed Blood Theatre, Theater Mu, The O’Shaughnessy, Park Square Theatre, Playwrights’ Center, Sheldon Theatre, Sod House Theater, SOS Theater, SteppingStone Theatre, Theater Latté Da, TigerLion Arts and Zorongo Flamenco.

We’ve worked hard to build a wide-ranging practice, with services ranging from executive search to interim management, from grant writing and database development to marketing campaigns, with a variety of project management and organizational development in the mix as well. The range is deliberate – fluency in multiple areas makes us better at seeing the big picture and identifying the best way to integrate all the elements into a smooth operation.

In 2018, I’m delighted to say that Arts Progress is expanding its capacity even more. With the addition of Craig VanDerSchaegen, we’ve added one of the best web developers in the region. Looking for someone to improve your site or rebuild it from the ground up? We can help with content strategy, or you can outsource your website management to us for a monthly retainer. We offer one-time strategy sessions as well, or we can review your site for ADA accessibility.

Click here to see a full run-down of our services. All of our services are scaled for arts nonprofits of all sizes – reach out to us and you’ll be surprised by the quality of work that you can afford.