Arts Progress | Why Arts Progress?
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Why Arts Progress?

Why Arts Progress?

Of course, one of the most fun parts of starting a new business is dreaming up a name.

Arts Progress is a callback to the Works Progress Administration in the U.S. from 1935 to 1943, created by Franklin Delano Roosevelt to address a nationwide crisis in unemployment. At its core, it was about paying people to do things, including a ton of art-related things through the Federal Art Project. It was a program of direct action, and it worked.

And that’s what I want Arts Progress to help my clients do – act more efficiently to fulfill their organization’s mission, or their own work, in the case of individual artists. I want to help you *do* the work, not talk about doing the work. My years of nonprofit experience have schooled me well in the value of creative communities, strategic alliances and networking, but I’ll spare you the jargon and use those strategies to help you do more with better utilization of your financial resources and your staff’s talents and energy, with the fewest billed hours possible.

I’m a person of action, direct-spoken and honest, and I’ll bring that perspective to bear on your issues, whether it’s spending a few hours with you playing devil’s advocate on your next big move, or if it’s a bigger project you need help with.